Ellen de Meijer

Ellen de Meijer is a well established artist from Amsterdam whose work has been exhibited at Art Toronto, Art Miami Basel, Art Stage Singapore, Art Hamptons and Art Aspen.

Her paintings are favored by Brazilian, French, Spanish and Dutch private art collectors such as the Van de Broek Foundation, which belongs to the Dutch top 5 private art collectors. Ellen de Meijer is represented by UNIX Gallery.

From a young age, Ellen de Meijer (b.1955) was very much fascinated by what we would now simply describe as ‘communication via image’. She started her artistic career in the realm of photography; perhaps the most direct form of ‘the image’ at the time, and after a short period in commercial photography she started to feel the urge to express more than just an image of reality, but to present a complete image – the world of the seen and the unseen at the same time.

To fulfill this desire, she at first turned to the world of the written. She studied Dutch literature and began writing, only to find that this too was not satisfying, as writing alone lacked the strength of tangibility.

At the age of 28, she then turned to fine arts and was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Illimitably fascinated by paint and all its possibilities, she plunged herself into painting with a visceral eagerness to explore every technical aspect and style she came across in the history of painting. Yet always with the goal of discovering a way to create her own, ultimate ‘complete image’.

Over the next 20 years, her then broad and ever-growing skill set, led her to teaching. Through till 2010, she guided hundreds of art students in their work. She encouraged them and inspired them to seek their own handwriting, and led them through the ins and outs of the actual art of painting. Her School of Art became well known throughout the Netherlands, but during those teaching years, she again never lost sight of ultimately pursuing her own expression through paint, and therefore she continued to create and exhibit her own extensive oeuvre. Her work can be found in various private collections throughout Europe.

In 2010, with the considerable experience she had gathered throughout the years, she decided it was time to forgo the larger portion of her teaching and finally focus on her own works more intimately.

Her current paintings thus strive to reflect her long-time quest, to communicate her thoughts and views in a complete image – one that marries the seen and the unseen – and they therefore possess an ability to communicate with every individual viewer. More and more convinced that there exists no such thing as ‘a truth’ or ‘a reality’ that is commonplace to every individual, these recent works might just hold the answer then, to what she so desired to express.


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